Blurring the lines of sexual fantasy and reality.

About Mythical Creations

We Create Custom-made Sex Dolls

We can make any fantasy character that you can imagine or dream of :). Let's face it some fantasy characters we just simply can't ever dare to touch or see in real life. However, we can still create an experience that gives us a good idea of what it would be like to be with the fantasy character of your dreams. By having a custom-made doll made you get a vivid experience that allows you to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Not only that, it's eye-candy, it's art and you can now admire the beauty and shape of your favorite character as much as you would like :).
The highest quality
Our dolls are build to last. 
Best prices in the industry
Companies like Synthetics charge a minimum of $20,000 for a custom-made sex doll. We can already build you a silicone doll for $11,000. TPE would be even cheaper. 

How it works

You send us pictures for reference. We then create either a 3D model or a clay model (or both). We continue to adjust this 3D model or clay model until you are satisfied. Once approved we can make the mold. With that mold we can then create the doll of your dreams.
You can be intimate with your favorite character. We can add sexual function to the dream doll that we are building for you. Since it has silicone skin, it will feel very real. We can add, oral and vagina function. 
These dolls are therapeutic and offer many emotional benefits. Get one and find out for yourself!
Your dream doll is not just a sexual object, she is a beautiful piece of art. Enjoy dressing her up and making photo's, videos and of course wonderful memories.
Make money
Have a good idea for a sex doll that you think can sell well? Invest in a custom-made doll and earn $200 per sale. We will sell it for you, but you can also try selling it via your own network. 
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Some of our Creations
Shalltear Bloodfallen
200+ year old fantasy (vampire) from the novel series Overlord. 
More realistic version of Shalltear Bloodfallen.
Custom-made doll based on 20 year old model.