Loli Orphanage

Adopting one of our child size dolls will be a lifetime memorable experience .
They are available in a variety of many
hair, eyes and skin colors. 

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Want a Loli doll made according to your wishes? No problem. We can create the loli doll of your dreams.

If you are interested in purchasing a custom-made doll just contact us, state your wishes and tell us what your budget is.

Meet our Orphans. All looking for a daddy. Which doll will you adopt?


Cindy is a nudist. She prefers to be naked. She is looking for a daddy that likes to cuddle.


12 years old. Quiet girl. Loves teddybears, unicorns and barbie dolls. She is looking for a daddy that can give her lots of toys and in return she will give you lots of love!


This little princess is looking for a king who will make her his queen.

Little China Girl

Do you love Chinese Girls? Then this is the orphan you want to adopt!


Lola is a cute, high quality doll that you can get for a low price ($350). She is completely legal everywhere because she has C-CUP boobs.


Born in a country where it's considered bad if you have no sons and only daughters, she was abandoned by her parents and put up for adoption. Can you give Lucie a good future? She needs a good Daddy.


Cecile is magical, joyful, cheerful and a true angel. She always has a smile on her face.


Born and raised in Germany. Kleia is petite and cute. She really likes candy and playing outside. Both her parents were lost at sea and her grandparents were told too old to take proper care of her, so now she is looking for a daddy.

Mika *Sleepy eyes*

Origin Story: Mika lost her mum and dad in a tragic mountain climbing accident at the age of 5. She is shy, sweet and very obedient. She loves sleeping, flowers and turtles. Mika can be a bit naughty from time to time.


Origin story: She grew up with a mentally ill mother and no father. She was taken away from her mother by child protection services and put up for adoption. She wants a daddy who is stable and who will take good care of her. Lisa loves computer games, drawing and looking at the stars.


Origin story: Lily's parents died in an earthquake when Lily was just three years old. She is a bit slow in the head, but very sweet and always happy. She is looking for a daddy that will love her and accept her.


Grew up in France in a small village. Daughter of a wealthy man. He was a successful man, owned almost half the village, but this man was a very bitter man. Unfortunately, Sophie never knew her mother. She died during labor. Her father bitterly resented Sophie. Blamed her for her mother's death. When Sophie turned 6, he gave her up for adoption. Every time he looked at Sopie he was reminded of what happened to his wife, he couldn't bare the pain, so he decided to give her up for adoption and committed suicide shortly after. Sophie is looking for a daddy who will not resent or abandon her, but who will cherish and love her for the rest of her life.


Origin Story: Mia was punished, starved and over-worked along with the other orphans in her country. She is looking for a daddy who will treat her right.

These dolls don't have a story yet. You can create your own origin story if you wish to purchase one of these :).