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Custom-made dolls
A custom-made doll is not cheap, but it's worth the price. Being able to touch and see the character of your dreams is priceless.
We can turn any 3D model into a sex doll!
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Payment Plan

With a custom payment plan anybody can afford a love doll!

We can create a custom payment plan for you. If you fill out the form and submit it then we will e-mail you the payment plan within 24 hours.

Please note that we can only ship your love doll once we received full payment. 

A custom payment plan is great if you really want to own a love doll, but can't afford to pay all at once. Time flies by fast and if you pay 30 dollars per week then you can already have a love doll (our cheapest one) in three months. 

It's nice to have things to look forward to and these dolls are worth the wait because they last many years.

You have complete control over when you pay and how much you pay. You can cancel and get a refund.

You can pay in installments via If you don't want to give us your creditcard details then you need to create a account and you will need to sign a contract. You can do this as soon as you received the custom payment plan from us.

If you submit your creditcard details using the form below then we will activate the payment plan for you. You won't need to sign a contract, create an account or wait for our e-mail. will automatically let you know (via e-mail) that a payment plan has been activated for you.

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