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A custom-made doll is not cheap, but it's worth the price. Being able to touch and see the character of your dreams is priceless.
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Why you should buy a love doll

Today sex dolls for men are moving out from under the stigma of closet shame into the homes of celebrities, artists, and professionals for a variety of uses.
Lifelike love dolls have replaced the plastic blow-up versions of yesterday held as party favorites at Frat houses to the front spaces of specialty sex stores. Men can now enjoy real life love dolls that are realistically sexy, anatomically correct while experiencing the ecstasy of intense pleasure with the option of variety without guilt.
Men are beginning to break beyond the shackles of shame about their sex doll use and revolutionizing the industry simultaneously. Whereas women have found support, and even celebration, for their use of sex toys as an expression of sexual liberation, men have instead experienced recoiling chastisement. But today such reprimand is undergoing a revolution, while the anatomic functionality of the life-size love dolls for men are undergoing a technological evolution. The history of self-pleasuring is both ancient and global. However, the technological advances place today's adult dolls in a category of distinction. Women have enjoyed sex toys for 50 years creating a billion-dollar consumer base, now men are moving beyond the stigmatism and buying sex toys of which the costs start at $400 and go up towards $4000
This advanced technology in sex toys are mostly for men who love women and want to experience the idea of companionship with the option of variety and choice without the emotional disadvantages that commonly accompany dating relationships. Blow-up dolls are a thing from the past now, the popularity of silicone and TPE male sex dolls is quickly out-reaching the many stereotypes and negative connotations that societal judgments often attach. Sex dolls allow men to explore their fantasies without the negatives of judgement that render them as a social emotional deviant, an adulterer, or a man of moral decay-these adult sex toys or dolls may be the next best thing, comparative to any other extracurricular activity, involving imagination, that would and could satisfy the creative appetite of men who love the company of various women.  But they are not just for the use of sexual gratification.
Today technology has now progressed to the point where factory-built silicone and TPE realistic love dolls are at least as good as human partners.,” In 2006, Dr. Henrik Christensen, the chairman of the European Robotics Network at the Royal Institute of Technology, at the University of Stockholm, predicted that “in the next five years” humans would be having sex with robots. One expert surveyed in a Pew Research Center report out last year predicts that robot sex partners will be “commonplace” by 2025 and foresees robot sex advancing in popularity. In Love & Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships, artificial-intelligence expert David Levy confirms that by 2050 robots “will have the capacity to fall in love with humans and to make themselves romantically attractive and sexually desirable to humans.”
The community of love dolls owners, say they use these dolls for sex, love, art, and companionship, shedding light on the diversified use of these dolls. Love doll  users may not be as socially comfortable with women as they would like to be. Some are grieving over the loss of a spouse and reluctant to date again; others are disabled and for self-conscience reasons avoid intimate contact with women, for fear of rejection. The reasons for use, vary as the number of users- which have risen from a few hundred to more than 20,000 in recent years. There are some narratives that falsely claim the phenomenon to be unusual and pathological, however, no report or research substantiate such narratives, instead of real love doll owners are quite ‘normal’ and are not psychological or pathological deviants. In fact, most members open to interview have been found to be quite satisfied with themselves and their lives respectively. The prediction is that once the technology advances to the point where they are indistinguishable from other humans, the stigma may disappear entirely.
Perhaps the most common benefit is the improvement of sexual technique. Regarding pleasure, these sexy dolls offer a more complex and pleasurable form of self-pleasure. Many are incorporating sex dolls into the lovemaking sessions with adventurous partners to enhance excitement and pleasure. For those into or contemplating threesomes, it is the safest practice of adding another person to the sexual experience but without the typical complexities. Imagine fulfilling every imaginable fantasy without repercussions or meeting reservations from your partner.  The sex doll provides the safe way to explore the range of fantasy with the only limits being the lack of your mind's eye. The sex doll industry provides an array of textures to intensify the real-feel pleasure. There are options in motions and position to fit the most creative imagination. Accessories add to the eccentric experience; vibrating aids, bondage gear, outfits, and lubricants tailored to fit the fantasy and occasion.
Bob who did not want to give his full identity, was very forthcoming about why his love doll companion ‘Jasmine,’ may be saving his marriage and family unit, by keeping him from cheating on his wife and his family. Bob is a middle-aged farm worker. Married to his high school sweetheart, and apparently still very much in love with his wife, has this to say about his relationship with his real sex doll companion; ‘It’s better than cheating on my wife of 20 years and risking the family we have created. We have a pretty solid relationship. I love my wife and I love my life. I enjoy Jasmine (TPE Doll), as I call her, when my wife is too busy or tired to give me the attention that I want. And, I damn sure not going to risking losing what I’ve built for 20 years for a one-night stand or starting an emotional relationship with someone else.” Men are visual creatures, what Bob and other users help us understand is that love dolls and sex robots may be an outlet that allows the men to experience sexual variety and companionship as desired, without cheating on life partners, as opposed to infidelity as feared by many women.
Sex robots with heat and sound and moving parts are already available, and we will see models with artificial intelligence in a couple of years. 
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