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I want to make clear once and for all why you should totally ignore people who are negative towards people who like love dolls, or just love dolls in general.

I have dealt with negative people my entire life. I know how they operate. And I want you to understand what all immature, close-minded, negative people have in common.

They bash, belittle or judge anything that is different or that is not considered normal.

Sex dolls are relatively new. This makes them different and they are not considered normal yet, because a lot of people don't understand how valuable they are and what kind of purpose they serve. Please read the article: Not just an adult toy to fully understand what they can be used for.

With that said, I will now explain why it's okay to totally ignore people who like to bash people who are passionate about love dolls.

First of all, if you have urge to bash people who are simply passionate about something (in this case love dolls) then that says more about you then the people your trying to bash. In fact, if you do this then your kind of an asshole. Anyway, when an asshole's being nasty to you, ignore him. These kind of people are not worth your time.

I also find it very ironic that these kind of people like to label people who are a little bit different or who like to do things differently as losers, when in fact there is nothing more sad than judging and belittling others for no good reason. Close-minded as they are, they automatically assume that most people buy love dolls because they can't get a girlfriend. You can buy a love doll for many reasons and probably none of those reasons are petty, but don't expect a negative, close-minded person to understand that. They only focus on the negative and the only way they can feel a little bit better about themselves is by belittling other people, so whatever they can throw at you, they will throw at you. If you have red hair then they will you call a redhead. If your just a little bit overweight then they will call you chubby. It's ridiculous, but they do it because they want to put you down.

Let me give an example (just an example, I'm not goth myself) to show you just how ridiculous these kind of people actually are. Goths are different right? Goths have been regular targets of abuse and bullying. That's because they look different and because they act different. This makes them easy victims for bullies. The truth is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Goth. Simply means you are passionate about the lifestyle and everything that comes with it.

How would a negative, immature person react when he bumps into a Goth? He would probably call him or her scary, a freak or something along those lines.

Just because you're Gothic, doesn't mean you worship Satan or shit like that. Being "goth" is a way of expressing yourself to your liking. They're normal people with different views. You can't just judge these people and throw negative labels at them. That's stupid and full of prejudice. Yes, throwing disgusting words at something you don't understand is stupid, to say the least. I wish most people would understand that, but unfortunately there are too many idiots in the world.

Now how would a positive, stable, wise person react when he bumps into a goth? He wouldn't judge. He would respect his or her lifestyle and he would probably even admire him or her. Plenty of people don't have the courage or confidence to fully express who they really are, what they believe in and what they are passionate about, so in a way goths do deserve respect and people who choose to purchase a love doll deserve respect as well.

Being a love doll owner is also a lifestyle. A love doll gives you the opportunity to express your sexuality, creativity and love in a constructive way. It's actually something positive. It's healthy for you. Owning a love doll is something that can be very good for you, but again, don't expect a negative person to see it that way. They are blind.

Life is what you make of it. Everything is what you make of it. If you perceive something as good then it will be good. If you perceive something as negative then it will appear & manifest as something negative.

You are who you choose to be. Owning a love doll doesn't diminish who you are as a person. In fact, the opposite is true. A love doll can give you sexual independence. A love doll can be a positive outlet for your sexuality and creativity. A love doll can also help you feel better about yourself. You are free to be yourself around a love doll. You don't have to worry about being rejected, ridiculed, betrayed or judged. Hanging out with a love doll is therapeutic and can heal you emotionally. Negative people can't be open to this fact because they tend to only focus on the negative. Explaining to them that a love doll is something is probably a complete waste of your time. If you know that it's good for you and that it brings you joy then that is all that matters. Screw the haters.

I wish more people could look at love dolls like I do, but unfortunately, people still have a lot to learn about love dolls.

My advice is to listen to yourself and to discover for yourself just how valuable a love doll can be to you. Don't let some idiot decide what is good or bad for you. You should just try things, build experience and then decide if it's good or bad for you.

But what if a famous person says that it's bad or not cool?

I can understand that you experience doubt when you even hear a celebrity say that something is not okay, but the truth is that even celebrities don't know everything. Not too long ago, I heard Snoop Dogg (famous rapper who is perceived as a very cool guy by most people) say that you should just get some real pussy or something like that when somebody asked him how he feels about love dolls. Well, it's really easy for a rich & famous person to get "real pussy", so he probably doesn't know anything about the struggles of an average man when it comes to getting "real pussy". In other words, he doesn't know what he's talking about. He never owned a love doll, he never did his research, he can have almost any hot woman (groupie) he wants because he's rich and famous, so it's impossible for him to experience a lot of frustration and rejection when it comes to women. I can tell you that there is a very large group of men in the world who are tired of all the shit they have to put up with when it comes to dating real women. So what if a love doll is solution for the frustration, rejection, STDs and emotion turmoil that can be inflicted upon you when you are dating the wrong people? Of course there are also plenty of good women out there, but the truth is that it's not easy to find the one that is perfect for you, but maybe, just maybe you will discover that a love doll is the perfect companion for you. You can only find that out by purchasing one and by opening yourself up to what she has to offer.

I can tell you one thing that is true. If you can love your love doll then you will be happy with her. Some people might say that it's weird to love a love doll, but there are many reasons why we can feel love for something. I love bodybuilding. I love art. I love pizza. Does that make me weird? I don't think so. You can love a love doll because she can give you pleasure whenever you want it. You can love a love doll because you perceive her as a beautiful piece of art that you can admire whenever you want to. You can love a love doll because she never makes you feel bad about yourself. You can love a love doll because you believe that she has a soul. This is called Animism. Animism is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. It's even scientifically proven that everything is energy (Quantum Physics), so it's not strange to believe and even experience that a love doll is not an empty shell, but something with a spiritual essence. If you know that then you know that a love doll has a lot to offer. All you have to do is make that choice to feel love for your love doll and then you will truly discover how great it can be to be the owner of a love doll.