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Custom-made dolls
A custom-made doll is not cheap, but it's worth the price. Being able to touch and see the character of your dreams is priceless.
We can turn any 3D model into a sex doll!
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Life is what you make of it. Life can be wonderful and life can be horrible. What contributes the most to feelings of joy? Your perception. If you value something, if you are grateful for something and perceive it as something that is great, awesome and amazing then you are happy to have it right? People tend to forget that the value is in us rather than in the things or objects that we desire. One man's dream is another man's nightmare. What makes me happy doesn't necessarily make you happy. Why? Because we give value to different things. You might be very happy with owning a Ferrari, but some people might even see owning a Ferrari as a burden. Probably because they don't have passion for cars and driving and because a Ferrari tends to get stolen more easily because of it's high value. It can also draw a lot of attention and this is not exactly fantastic for a person who prefers to be left alone. So you might see it as something great and another person might see it as something awful. It all depends on how we choose to perceive it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are also people who seem to think that only having a lot of money can make them happy and that having a lot of money equals freedom. They seem to forgot that there are people who are poor and very happy and that there are rich people who are very miserable and far from free. Freedom lies within. It starts with your thinking and how you perceive things. Would you call a rich man who has a guilty conscience and a corrupted mind free? How is he free if he can't even feel gratitude for what he has or if he's not able to feel able happy because he has a mind burdened with fear, worry and doubt? Money doesn't guarantee that you won't get run over by car tomorrow or that you won't get cancer. If you want to find the source of happiness & freedom then look within yourself. Rich people who are happy with their money are happy because they give value to success & wealth. They love wealth, money and success and that's why they are happy being rich. It's not money or success itself that will make you happy and you should never lower yourself, do things you hate, corrupt your soul (hurt people, do bad things) just so that you can become rich. It's not worth it. Sometimes I wish more people would understand that. To make it clear.. It's your passion and your love that gives value to things and that makes it so that you are happy, excited and grateful. Nothing else. The value is in you. Heaven is within. I truly hope that more and more people will begin to realize this. Only you can save yourself. It starts with you. Not with how much money you have. I remember reading an article about a man who won $70 million dollars in the lottery. He ended up being killed (about three months after he won the lottery) and having almost all his possessions stolen by a woman who manipulated him. You think that $70 million dollars gave these people a lot of joy? He attracted the wrong people because of his wealth and he didn't know how to defend himself against these kind of people. He ended up being killed and the woman who stole most of his wealth ended up in jail. So does money guarantee a happy ending? No. It does not. So stop being a slave to it.

If you have passion, determination, a positive mindset, faith and a strong belief system then you will absolutely create a bright future for yourself. So what guarantees a happy ending? Your mindset. Your attitude. Your love and passion. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Create a vision that brings you joy ad dedicate your life to that vision. Now I'm going to explain to you why I believe in love dolls and love robots. Why I value to them. Why they give me joy. First of all, I perceive them as beautiful pieces of art. I really enjoy looking at them because they really do radiate beauty. Nowadays, (unless a girl is your girlfriend) it's a bit hard to admire a girl for her beauty without being called a pervert when you are checking her out (if even for a few seconds). Sex dolls won't judge you or give you that kind of crap. You can admire and enjoy their beautiful forms and beauty without being called a pervert and without being accused of sexual harassment.  I absolutely adore art, photography and creating things. You will have a great time with your Sex doll if you admire the female form, if you love taking pictures, if you love sexy clothing or fashion and if you enjoy creating things. You can dress them up any way you like, take pictures, make videos and edit them on your computer (let your creativity run wild). You can then publish your art and in this way you can always look back at all the wonderful memories you made with your Sex doll and also kinda discover & express your own creativity and sexuality. These dolls help you discover yourself. Use them as a tool. Discover just how loving, creative and sexual you are with the help of a Sex doll. Let's face it.. It's not always possible to do this with a woman. Human relationships are complex. It's hard to find a person you can trust and rely on. If you project your love, sexuality and creativity on the wrong woman then you will only feel bad about yourself. Your just wasting your time because your love is not being appreciated. The most important thing is that you appreciate yourself. Treat your doll as if she is a real women and discover how much you have to give to a woman. Then learn to appreciate what you have to give and then you will realize that you have a lot to give, that you are worthy and that you deserve a good woman.  So as far as I'm concerned a Sex doll is a therapist, a beautiful piece of art, a great companion, a teacher (you learn more about yourself) and something that is always there for you whenever you need it. Easily worth the $2000 bucks. A Sex doll will make you happy if you have the ability to be grateful for everything they can offer you. If you can clearly see just how much of a valuable asset they can be for you then you won't mind paying for one. Invest in a Sex doll if you love and appreciate art, photography, beauty, sexual pleasure and if you feel that she can make your journey through life more pleasant. That you feel good.. That is what is most important. If you feel good then you can be beacon of light for other people.